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Strataclean is an abrasive blasting company able to do a wide range of jobs from gently cleaning sandstone with calcium right through to preparing steel for painting.

Our Services - Abrasive Blasting, High & Low pressure, Wet blasting.

We can also sand or remove paint from swimming pools ready for repainting, or remove rotten plaster and ready for applying plaster of choice.

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Strata Clean NZ—blasting through unwanted surfaces, delivering safe solutions.

Strata Clean NZ is a top provider of abrasive blasting in Auckland. From home and swimming pool preparations, to building and brick restoration, you can count on us to deliver quality blasting work the first time, every time.

Taking the Pressure Off Your Shoulder

When it comes to blasting in Auckland, Strata Clean NZ is the name you can trust. We offer a range of abrasive blasting services for various purposes, including:

Anti-foul Removal

One of the most common problems in maintaining boats and other marine vessels is keeping algae, barnacle, and marine organisms off the hull. Our anti-foul removal services prepare your boat for repainting and restoration by thoroughly removing anti-foul paint without damaging the surface.

Brick Restoration

Time and the elements are the worst enemies of brick structures. Our abrasive services can erase the many years of dirt, stains, and paint spots to turn old bricks into feature walls.

Building Restoration

Historic buildings need a special level of care and attention to cleanliness. Our building restoration services cleans pollution, paint, and oxidation off delicate surfaces, such as Oamaru and Wairau stone, without damaging the base material.

Concrete Preparation

Give your driveway renewed life and longevity with our concrete preparation services. This blasting service repairs exposed aggregate, restores old driveways and paths, and cleans concrete surfaces to remove slippery buildup of moss and lichen.

Fire/Smoke Damage Removal

For more thorough cleaning and restoration services after a fire, work with Strata Clean NZ. Our fire and smoke damage removal work easily removes charcoal and smoke damage. This not only removes surface stains, but also removes substances that could weaken or damage surfaces.

Graffiti Removal

For when you don’t want to do the backbreaking work of scrubbing paint and vandalism, our graffiti removal services is your best option. We can remove graffiti from any surface without using solvents.

Steel Preparation

Our steel preparation services are a top choice for a more thorough steel repainting and restoration work. We remove rust and paint from fences and other steel structures to get them ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Swimming Pool Preparation

When you want to give your pool a makeover, our swimming pool preparation services are a must. We’ll blast away paint, rotten plaster, and other unwanted surfaces to get your pool ready for repainting.

As an Auckland abrasive blasting specialist, we ensure all surfaces we work on are effectively cleaned and stripped of any unwanted layers.

Get in touch with us today and see first-hand how we deliver the best results in high pressure situations.

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