Strata Clean

NZ Limited    

Auckland Graffiti Removal

When art attacks, Strata Clean NZ is the company you need to

deal with the unwanted drawings.

When it comes to graffiti removal in Auckland, count on our team

quickly remove any unsightly marks in an efficient manner. Unlike

other graffiti and tag removal companies, we do not damage the

surface beneath the unwanted drawing.

We are a premier abrasive and water blasting company, which

means we have the tools, equipment, and manpower to clean

any surface without any damages. Using advanced techniques

and equipment, we can carry out graffiti removal works and leave

the surface looking good as new—as if the vandalism never


Our team can remove vandalism from any surface without using any type of solvent. This allows us to clean the exteriors properly without driving the paint further into the surface.

For efficient, exceptional graffiti removal services in Auckland, trust only Strata Clean NZ. They’ll paint it, we’ll blast it.

Phone: 0274596552