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Hydro Façade is suitable for surface cleaning of:

  • Natural stone
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Metal Surfaces

And removal of oxidations from, for instance:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel & Copper

Gentle and Effective

HYDRO FAÇADE is also suitable for industrial cleaning of processing equipment and components.

Hydro Façade is a totally unique product developed by Norwegian multinational Norsk Hydro. It is already established as the European market leader for the restoration of historic buildings and monuments, such as Notre Dame, St Peters in the Vatican, and many more.

With Hydro Façade all types of unwanted coatings including pollution, paint, and oxidation, can be removed without damage to the surface of the base material. Soft limestone such as Oamaru stone can be cleaned without damage, incluyding Graffiti can, in many instances, be removed from paintwork without damage to the paint!!

The spherical Hydro Façade micro-prills do not damage delicate surfaces, and flow easily allowing accurate fine tuning of the specialist equipment used.

Traditional blasting media generally have sharp edges and irregular particle size and shapes. Such particles will either hit the surface flat achieving nothing, or with sharp knife like edges that damage surfaces. Dust is created which is often a major problem. High pressures are required to move irregular shaped particles to the target surface which has its own safety issues, and if water blasting is being used, the pressures have to be very high to achieve anything.

Hydro Façade uses low pressure, high air volume to achieve top quality results fast, without dust, damage, danger to operators, or environmental problems.

Hydro façade

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Central Post Office cleaned with Hydro Façade

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